The Beaupre Blog is a selection of stories about various members of our family tree.  Currently there are over 3000 people on our tree and it is continually growing.  The first thing you learn when you start researching is that it is impossible to be sure that your findings are 100% accurate.  The further back in time you go, the more difficult it becomes.  In an age of census taking, where the records were often done phonetically you can imagine the variations on a name.  To date, I have collected 18 different spellings of Beaupre.  My favourite is Bopri.

Some of the stories I collected were passed down through the generations, others are first hand accounts and the rest were gathered through endless hours of research.  I have done my best to make the tree as accurate as possible.  In most cases I did not notate where the information came from. In the beginning I was too eager and naïve, so simply rushed headlong into the fact finding, not knowing the importance of citing.  So this is not a traditional genealogy blog, but rather, my best attempt to collect family stories to pass down to future generations.

I have structured the tree into generations: myself, Marie Teresa Keane Edwards, is the first generation (aka generation 1). The furthest the tree goes back (at this time) is to my 10th great grandfather, Jacques Millette (1540-1629), and his wife Jeanne Vincent (1555-1587) – so their branch makes up generation 10.

I must acknowledge Jan de Beaupre Herdman for her help and generosity in expanding our tree.  Jan and I met online through Ancestry where we discovered we are related through our great grandfathers.  Jan is an amazing researcher and very kindly agreed to share her years of work with me.  It is thanks to Jan our tree goes back as far as it does.

I must also thank my niece, Jessica Schmidt, for without her patience, guidance, editing skills, and unflagging support, this blog would never have finally come to life.