Helene Desportes….Part 2

The following information was taken from a book titled ” Helene’s World” by Susan McNelley.  It is a fascinating read, not only for our family but for the development of 17th Century Quebec.  I wish they had presented our Canadian history in this format when I was at school!

(As I said in the Overview, these are collections of stories I have found.  I am not going to list every child with their data, but rather just the ones with “interesting” stories.  I urge you to seek out the book Helene’s World.  It really is wonderful)

The Children of Helene Desportes and Guillaume Hebert

Joseph Hebert was baptized on November 13, 1636.  He married Marie Charlotte Depoitiers on October 12 1660.  A year later, Joseph was captured, tortured and murdered by Iroquois.  The actual date of his death in the fall of 1661 is unknown.  His son, Joseph, the only child of Marie and Joseph was born October 15, 1661.  It is quite possible that Joseph might never have met his son.  In the census of 1666 young Joseph is not listed, so it is presumed he died young….

Francoise Hebert was baptized on January 23 1638.  She was 13 when she married Guillaume Fournier on November 20, 1651.  When she was 15, her first child was born.  The couple had 14 children…

Angelique Hebert was baptized on August 2 1639.  Angelique was just six weeks old when her father died. Presumably she died before she was five.

The children of Helene Desportes and Noel Morin….(highlights)

Agnes Morin was born and baptized on January 21, 1641. She married Nicolas Gaudry dit Bourbonniere on November 17, 1653 at the age of 12.  Their first child was born when she was 15.  She and Nicolas had 8 children together.  Nicolas died in June of 1669, leaving Agnes a widow at the age of 28 with 8 children.  A year and a half later on January 12 1671, Agnes married Ignace Bonhomme Beaupre.  With this man she had nine more children. Agnes had two husbands and seventeen children before she died on August 30, 1687 at the age of forty-six. 


Germain Morin was the first native born French Canadian priest. Baptized on 5 Jan 1642.  He was living in the Jesuit College as early as November 1659 and was ordained a priest 19 September 1665 at the age of 23. It must have been with special joy that Father Germain resided over family events.  In his position as diocesan clerk he was responsible for maintaining the official church registers.  He died at the Hotel Dieu in Quebec on 20 August 1702 and was buried inside the choir of the Cathedral of Quebec.


Jean-Baptiste Morin dit Rochebelle was baptized on 25 May 1645.On 18 October 1667, he signed a contract to marry Marie-Ann Firman, a “filles du roi”.  The couple did not marry and she returned to France. A month later, on 22 November 1667, Jean-Baptiste now using the surname Morin dit Rochebelle, married Catherine de Remy de Courcelle, another “filles du roi”.  He probably chose the name Morin Rochebelle to distinguish himself from another colonist also named Jean-Baptiste Morin.

Marie Morin was born and baptized on 19 March 1649.  in 1662 the 13 year old left her native Quebec to join the Hospitallers in Montreal as a novice nun.  Three years later she took her first vows and on 27 October 1671 she took her solemn permanent vows.  Sister Marie Morin became the first Canadian born girl to become a Hospitaller of Montreal. Marie served her community as Mother Superior and died on 8 April 1730 at the age of 81 after a long illness.