The Whole Fam Damily

My first two posts featured my mother, Claire Zita Beaupre 1918-1980, then the family sayings.  I thought it was time to introduce more of Claire’s immediate family. This is only part of the Beaupre family.

                Beaupre Family Gathering circa 1933

9 of the 15 Beaupre Children circa 1933

Back Row Left to Right: Clifford Vincent Tisdale 1911-1998, George Norbert Beaupre 1887-1969, Wallace Joseph Beaupre 1914-2004,    Joseph Melville Beaupre 1919-?,   Edward Vincent Beaupre 1889-1969,    Alfred Moffat Beaupre 1908-1972,   Stanislas John Beaupre 1881-1949,   Lyons Hubert Charles Beaupre 1911-1999

Middle Row left to Right:  Peter Moffat Beaupre 1860-1956      Helen Magdalene Small 1882-1969

Front Row Left to Right: ,  Ethel Marguerite Beaupre Blakey 1894-1994,  Claire Zita Beaupre 1918-1980, Loretta Rose Beaupre Tisdale 1884-1971,   Johanna McDonnell Beaupre 1884-?

Note: Johanna McDonnell Beaupre was married to George Norbert Beaupre

I find the relationships of the people considering the dates they were born, fascinating.  I think it would be helpful to list in chronological order the two families of Peter Moffat Beaupre.

Peter Moffat Beaupre 1860-1956  married Anne Mackey 1857-1897  on Nov. 16 1880          their children:

Stanislas John Beaupre 1881-1949

Mary Esther Beaupre Burns 1883-1922

Loretta Rose Beaupre Tisdale 1884-1971

George Norbert Beaupre 1887-1969

Catharine Francis Beaupre Bowes 1888-1970

Edward Victor Beaupre 1889-1969

Carmel Irene Beaupre McCartney 1892-1957

Ethel Marguerite Beaupre Blakey 1894-1994

Peter Moffat Beaupre 1860  married  Helen Magdalene Small 1882-1969  on Nov. 15, 1901      their children:

Anna Delores Beaupre, Hinton, Greer, Culp 1903-?

Peter Wilfred Beaupre 1905-1985

James Lionel Beaupre 1906-1910

Alfred Moffat Beaupre 1908-1992

Lyons Hubert Charles Beaupre 1911-1999

Wallace Joseph Beaupre 1914-2004

Claire Zita Beaupre Keane 1918-1980


If you look at the picture above and find Clifford Tisdale and Joseph Melville Beaupre, you will notice they were born before Claire, and yet she is their Aunt, because they are the children of her siblings.  It gets better…… if you notice the birth year of Stanislas John Beaupre at 1881, you will see he is one year older than his new stepmother, Helen Magdalene Small Beaupre who was born in 1882.  In fact, when Helen married Peter Moffat, PM, she took on the role of “stepmother” when she was 19, and the “children” ranged in age from 20 to 7 years old!!!!

It can be very complex when trying to keep track of who is who and how are they related to each other.  If you have any questions, or if you notice any errors, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I love talking about our family.

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